Predictions and personalization at scale, tailored to your needs.

Subscription starting at
$ 599
  • Data overages

    $ 10 per 100K pageviews

  • Reserved data

    $ 80 per 1M pageviews

  • Reserved enrichment

    $ 10 per 100 visitors


Add-ons, inline personalization and integrations.

Monthly subscription
$ 399
  • Data overages

    $ 10 per 100K pageviews

  • Reserved data

    $ 90 per 1M pageviews


Basic personalization techniques using smart add-ons.

Monthly subscription
$ 49
  • Data overages

    $ 10 per 100K pageviews

Key features

Free pageviews
Free enriched visitors
Team members
Predictive audiences
Identify API
Smart add-on library
Inline personalization
A/B testing
User roles
Pay by invoice

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Frequently asked questions

Can I get support?

All plans come with free technical support by email. The Premium plan contains additional support levels, like training for your team, a dedicated customer succes manager, and a managed program by personalization experts.

Do you offer self-hosting?

No, but we offer cluster-level segregation under the Premium plan. The Service Level Agreement may contain a fully dedicated environment, with your own domain, API, keys, custom locations, scheduled releases and SSO/SAML options.

After signup, you will go through a discovery phase of a maximum of two weeks or 1M pageviews, whichever comes first. During discovery, we will analyse your website and report about its performance and opportunities. You will receive an advise on how to proceed and what the best plan is for you.

Factors that influence the pricing include: number of pageviews on your website, number of enriched visitors, features and services, and number of domains. We always make sure that you only pay for value delivered. That's how we get you a positive ROI quickly.

Our plans are based on a given feature set and come with a certain amount of data points - or "page views" - included. If you go over the data limit, overages will be calculated. If you have a rough idea of the data that you will need, you can reserve data up front at a better rate.

You can always reach out to us via Intercom (see bottom right corner) or send an email to We're happy to discuss your use case and answer any additional questions you might have.

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